Written a few days ago while listening to said the whale...

as long as you've known me
well i've had empty pockets
you'd just smile and shrug
and pretend you didn't notice
well it's my turn to buy
us a fancy salad
got seven dollars and i hope
these coupons are still valid
you say it doesn't matter
since friends are seldom lovers
that money means nothing
and i just shouldn't bother
for all that you notice and for all you prepare
i don't see how you can't see just how much i fucking care

and i know one day i'm gonna be a big spender
gonna live free of all the consequences
i know one day i'm gonna show that i love you
and do all the things to show how it's true
i know one day and the sooner the better
i'm worth being loved damn the consequences
i know one day i will will show that i love you
i just one day you can love me too
doo da do da doo
love me too

(Quick P.S. I'm sure someone will try and suggest this is about me, or someone I know, or something silly like that. It's not. I was listening to Said the Whale and Elvis, and wanted to write a happy & sad love song. To the people who maybe look a bit too much into stuff I write... don't. Thank you.)

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