A Dilemna:

I live next to a mall. This mall loves to stage events to draw in patrons, which has given the mall a special place in my heart. Recently, they've taken to showing the Stanley Cup hockey games in a central area.

They have two flat screen TVs, back to back, and bleachers on either side. Patrons can just grab a seat and watch a Canucks games - it really does seem to draw people in. Often, you'll see shoppers walk by, get slowed down by the game, and then absently grab a seat... leaving in the intermissions to head to the food court.

I watched a game there last night, and really enjoyed the experience. There's something fun about watching a game with complete strangers and not having alcohol be a factor. I fully endorse the event, except for one problem that caused me no small amount of anxiety.

See, if you look past your TV, you can see the people on the opposite set of bleachers, staring at the other TV. This is all well and good. However, there are a few intertwined facts that the event planners probably didn't think about when they conceived the idea. Namely:

  1. A large number of the spectators are "typical" mall patrons - women from the age of 14 to 30.

  2. It's summer time.

  3. During the summer, many women like to wear skirts or dresses.

  4. Women these days often aren't as used to the rules of skirts or dresses as the women of previous generations.

Long story short, a lot of women were accidentally flashing me. And I can presume that the women on my end of the bleachers were accidentally flashing the people on the other end of the bleachers.

Here's the question that bugged me, and which I still have no answer to. What do you do?

Do you go over to the woman in question and gently inform her that everyone can see her cooter? Do you tell the people at the concierge desk that they need to rethink the arrangement? Do you feel dirty and guilty for even noticing in the first place? (I did). Or do you shut up and pretend you don't notice?

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