Some Texts:

I actually feel like sharing these texts I got from a friend, during my sister's wedding. It'll give you an idea of who she is. Because, well, she's a terrible, TERRIBLE person. I need to figure out a nickname for her on this blog, ha. For now, she'll just be "D"

Me: Oh God Help me, I'm in SOOKE.
D: Yes but at least your sister gets to have an amazing wedding night!
D: S E X
Me: Quiet you. Youre a bad person.
D: Hey, I'm not sleeping with her!
Me: You're a terrible person. I'm telling my sister you said that. I'll read these out at her reception.
D: I think she knows she's sexually active. But I could be wrong.

I got these texts, by the way, while talking to my aunt and uncle. I kept laughing, and they wanted to see what I was reading. Luckily, I kept my phone out of reach. Fun times.

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