Proctor, revisited


That link talks about the life ahead of the two young men convicted of raping and murdering Kimberly Proctor. It's a pretty brutal description of life inside of Canadian Prisons, and the suffering ahead of these two men. There is a demand for blood in the city, and no one (not even the usually liberal Monday magazine, apparently) sees a problem with what lies ahead for them.

I talked a bit about the case last month, and let me just repeat, I fully endorse these men going into prison. What they did to Kimberley was awful, and inhuman.

However, I also believe that taking joy in another person's suffering, even a person as awful as Cameron Moffatt, just dehumanizes ourselves. Personally, I would rather these men are kept away from the public, but allowed to live meaningful, productive lives.

As I said before, we should be better than those who committed an act of brutal violence. Sinking to their low, base level does us absolutely no good at all.

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