I'm a bad person

Legally, my last name is "Steeves", because my mother was not married when I was born (gasp!). So, for all legal purposes, I go by "David Steeves". However, outside of legalities, I use my step father's last name, Percival.

This is quite often a pain in the ass, because I have some older documents under that name, and others under my legal name. However, sometimes it works in my favour.

A few months ago, I worked with my mother at H&R Block. She was, in fact, my supervisor.

On a whim, while dropping off resumes, I put down "Sally Percival" as a reference. After all, anyone who hired me would see my name as "David Steeves", and would have no idea that the person who was giving me such a glowing recommendation was, in fact, my mother.

I feel almost guilty. Almost.

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