The Dream Band:

Since I've been about twenty, I've daydreamed on and off about my dream band. Depending on what sort of musical mood I'm in at the time, the band changes. Sometimes, I'm the frontman (and have coincidentally learned how to sing). Other times, I'm a rhythm guitarist. Or a lead guitarist. Or a drummer.

Occasionally, I'm even the friggin' bassist. Though when that happens, it's in a Paul McCartney "holy crap I'm awesome" sort of way, and not in a Chas Chandler "I'm only cool because I discovered Jimi Hendrix" sort of way.

This band has been an alternative rock band. It's been pure acoustic music. It's been bluesy rock, ambient electronic, and folksy metal. For about three weeks, this dream band did nothing but make bluegrass covers of old metal songs such as Pantera's "Cemetary Gates" and Motorhead's "Ace of Spades".

Lately, the dream has been about a three piece unit, with yours truly playing acoustic guitar. The vocalist, a woman with a voice not unlike Molly Guldemond (of Mother Mother), also plays keyboards to fill out the basslines. And our drummer has a stripped down kit. But really, the daydream isn't really that specific. I just imagine a small, three piece band with a very tight sound built around acoustic guitar lines.

What's unusual about this particular daydream, however, is that rather than having this daydream band playing songs that are very similar to the music I'm currently infatuated with, it's actually playing music I've been playing.

It's strange, but lately, when I play my guitar, I can hear someone else singing the lyrics. And hear that phantasmal drummer playing his own rhythm. I'm writing songs, and finding myself wanting to play them in front of others. I know it sounds egotistical and stupid, but I want to "share my music".

I've been saying it since September of last year, when I watched The Zolas play awfully and still get the girls, but I really need to get into a band.

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