one of us, one of us...

I love sitting in a coffee shop and playing around on my laptop. But you see some interesting people if you're here long enough.

I've been visiting the Serious Coffee on Broad for a couple of weeks now, and almost everytime I'm here, there's the same guy sitting in the dedicated wireless room. He's.... well, he's something else.

Greased back hair that looks like it's been bleached blonde, a white polo shirt, and general "nerd jeans" (you know what I'm talking about). He wears a microphone headset and always clicks madly, and I assume he's playing World of Warcraft or something. He's here for hours (I presume - I've never seen him show up or leave) and only orders one drink for the duration... and it's a pink smoothie. .

Random quotes I've heard just while writing this entry:

"Wait, what day is it? Did school start today? Shit."

"Yeah, he's not playing anymore, he's got a girlfriend now."

"BRB guys, need to pee."

Also, he has one of those scooter things that look like a skateboard with a handle. He's at least twenty two.

Moral of the story?

I think I need to stop going online in public places and troll the internet in the privacy of my own home like a normal person. Lest I turn into some sort of carnival freak