Domestic Violence:

I believe I've mentioned the french couple I share a wall with. Or, more specifically, the batshit crazy french woman who screams at her boyfriend every couple of, um, hours.

Well, they were at it again tonight. I was watching Futurama, with the volume fairly well turned up, and I could hear them clearly over Fry and Leela being all emo-y. Of course, being able to hear her shriek wasn't that interesting, because she's french and I have no idea what the fuck she's screaming. But I'm used to this, so I turned up the volume.

Then plates and glasses started breaking and her shrieking was louder. As in, my TV's volume was almost loud enough that I could get a noise complaint, and I could still hear her - clearly - over it. Accompanied with the sounds of breaking glasses and her slamming her fists against the wall (I know it was her because I could follow her voice and it always was beside the banging on the wall). She was banging hard enough that if I still had photos up, it'd likely knock them down.

But I've been through this before, and just said to myself "you're moving in a few weeks, fuck it. Don't rock the boat."

And then there was the sound of actual physical violence. I'm pretty sure she was beating the hell out of him, simply because of the way he was sounding (he wasn't making angry noises, it was more like grunts, accompanied with her psycho-bitch screaming). But it was the sound of flesh hitting flesh - loud thunks and the occasional slapping noise, but mostly just punches.

I kind of was stunned. I muted my show, and sat there wondering. What do I do? Do I call the cops? Do I even know for sure if there's a fight going on? What do you do in a situation like this?

To finish it all off, one of them left in a huff and drove away, peeling out of the driveway. I think I may have heard cops in the hallway, but I'm not sure. As I'm typing this, my landlord is talking to people on the floor and someone is cleaning up glass. And I'm still confused as hell, wondering exactly why I should be concerned over two people who have done nothing except cause me trouble... and yet still feeling concerned.

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