Scenes from a wedding:

It was my sister's wedding on saturday, and there were a lot of great moments. I mean, there was the wedding itself, of course. But there were so many others that I want to record for posterity's sake. Some of them are funny, some are just cute, and some are "oh, Dave".

  • My dad, popping open the bottle of Pusser Rum he bought almost two decades ago, saved explicitly for "the day my daughter gets married". Us menfolk drank and shared stories. It was a really cool occasion... and no, I'm not going to share the stories here.

  • Me, wearing a suit, and carrying around my half-sister's two year old. He's one of those kids who just naturally frown. So I'd frown right back at him. Which was cute as hell. We both wore suits. His looked better.

  • Taking "Jackson", my five year old nephew from my half brother, to the dessert bar at the pre-reception. He grabbed some chocolate thing, and we sat on the coffee table and talked. At one point, he said "is there red dye in this?" I told him I didn't know. "I'm allergic to red dye". Cue yours truly, rushing around, trying to find his dad. Turns out "nah, he's not allergic to red dye. He just likes saying he is to see people freak out." I have never wanted to hurt a five year old more.... while at the same time laughing my ass off.

  • Getting texted by a friend a bajillion times during the vows. It was her hope that I hadn't turned off my cell phone, and was now super embarrassed. But I had turned off the phone, so egg was on HER face. Or something. They were really funny texts, though.

  • There were three tables at the reception... the bride's family, the groom's family, and "other". The bride's family table was about half the size of the groom's family... and we wound up buying more alcohol tickets than the other two tables combined. We were proud of this fact. Because we're awesome.

  • Giving a speech during the reception (similar to my post a few days back). My hands shook for some reason, and both the bride and the groom went deep red in embarrassment. However, people kept coming up to me and saying how nice my speech was, so I guess it went alright. We'll see.

  • Someone stole my sister's cane. At her wedding. Savages! I'm going to assume it was done accidentally, and not out of malice.

  • Awkward end cap of the night: yours truly on the two hour commute back to Victoria from Sooke. I was still just a little drunk (buzzed, more like), and on the front seats of the double decker. Trying to impress the sorta cute girl in the aisle across. Not for any real reason... just because I figured I was wearing a suit and wanted to impress someone. This is how my mind works. I have no idea what I'd have done if she actually wanted to start up a (gasp) conversation! Probably turn on my ipod and hide.

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