Happy Apple Birthday

Today, my friends, is a very important day. It is, you see, the birthday of my good friend, Happy Apple. She turns... well, she gets even older today.

I haven't really talked to her in the past few weeks, and it might be a little bit longer before we get to have time to really hang out again in the near future. It does bum me that I can't embarrass her by singing 'Happy Apple Birthday' at the top of my lungs for her today, in person, but, you know, job. So I'll have to belt it out some other time.

So, Apple, as the Beatles once said, "today it's your birthday". Here's to a bajillion more, and I hope you get everything you wished for. Including that fire-breathing robot intent on killing all humans. Also, socks.

To everyone that's not named Happy Apple, go over and check out her blog. Laugh your asses off, and get to know one of the coolest people on the entire interwebz.

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