More Journal Recollections:

There's something really nice about finding an old journal - you get to remember things you had completely forgotten. Some of them are not nice memories, but a lot of them are just pleasant things you should keep with you, but somehow never seem to.

For example, I wrote an entry about my old dog, Bear. She had six puppies, three male, and three female (though all the females died). We kept one of the puppies, and gave away the other two. This I remembered. I did NOT remember a year later, when we threw a "doggie reunion" and had all three puppies reunited for their birthday. And I have absolutely no recollection of being the guy that cooked the steak dinners while everyone talked about the second world war, but apparently, it happened.

I remember being in school play's, but I had completely forgotten saying "macbeth macbeth macbeth!" just before the curtains went up as a joke... and then laughing at everyone who got all superstitious. Of course, in that play's run, four different people got hurt (sprained ankles, cuts, etc), and everyone treating me like some sort of pariah.

My favourite entry so far, though, is easter day, when my dad bought all the men of the house squirt guns. I had completely forgotten this, but the second I read the two-line entry in the journal, it all came back to me. Dad bought my brother (who was probably eleven or twelve at the time) a huge machine-gun style super soaker. He bought himself a decent mid-sized gun. And he bought me one of those tiny little plastic things that have an effective range of about two feet. I remember getting absolutely drenched while my brother and father chased me around the yard, my dogs barking and chasing us.

Good times. I mean, I'm shaking my head in shock at some of the things I'd say, but all in all? Good times.

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