Did you know....

...that Newt has a twitter?

It's true. I got a twitter about a week or so ago, and I've taken to it like a duck takes to water. Or a smackhead takes to smack. Or a member of Nickelback takes to leather pants. Or...

...nevermind. I could do this all day.

Anyways. Fun fact about twitter that everyone knows: it's addictive, and it fuels the narcissist in all of us. As someone who is already quite narcissistic, twitter was probably a bad idea. Because now I have a medium for 24/7 discussions about my favourite subject: ME!

If you're up for learning even more about what makes Crazy Newt tick, by all means subscribe @crazy_newt. And if you'd rather avoid me completely... what the hell are you doing reading this blog?

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