Weirdest Dream Ever:

I've had some strange dreams in the past. I'm usually quite good at having random, non-sensical tidbits that cause me to wake up and scratch my head. But a dream I had last week has to set some sort of recrod on the crazy scale.

I was job searching, and I got a job. It paid well, was a nine to five job, and had great benefits, so I naturally signed on. And found myself in a white labcoat with camera equipment. My job, apparently, was to film educational videos for mice, and then to record whether or not they learned anything from watching said videos.

And my very first assignment was to make a video showing young mice proper and healthy masturbation techniques, because people in the lab were worried the mice might hurt themselves.

I don't really know what to think about that. But it got weirder, because assignments two and three were odd, too.

I had to make a video teaching the mice how to speak basic phrases in spanish. And I had another one to show them the safe way to defuse bombs.

After they watched their videos, I observed them, to see if they were learning. They were not. Because they were mice.

So I got fired.

And then, I woke up.


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