Aidan Knight

I'm gonna sound like a hipster here, but I saw Aidan Knight's very first live performance, and I've sort of been half-following him as he's moved on up among the ranks of British Columbia's folk scene.

It sounds hipsteresque, but it's entirely true, so shut up. I saw him at Rifflandia around two years ago, and I enjoyed his nervous quipping more than his acoustic riffs. I've mentioned it before - when it's just a guy and an acoustic guitar, I tend to glaze over.

Recently, I finally got around to buying some of his music via itunes, particularly the song "Jasper", and my mind was blown away. Think folk-like music, with driving rhythm lines accompanied by electric guitars that have a hint of old country twang, and you'll have the beginning idea of what Aidan Knight sounds like.

Also, he's from Victoria, which makes him doubly cool.

Not to mention that his album is a "pay what you want" scale, and it very much becomes worth checking out. I highly recommend giving him a listen.

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  1. Aidan Knight is pretty awesome but I think your "trying not so sound like a hipster" actually makes you sound like you're trying a bit too hard. Maybe that's just me. I enjoy Aidan Knight for his constant references to Simon and Garfunkel and extreme down to earth-ness. I spend an entire We Are the City set chatting with him in a hallway and he is one awesome guy. Also - he sings about knitting. Double win.