Holy crap, I have a cell phone

Fun fact. I'm a technophobe.

I realize that sounds silly, coming from a guy that blogs everyday. But it's true - I generally avoid modern technology. Until last week, I could count the number of text messages I sent on one hand. I don't own a microwave. I don't watch TV. Hell, I prefer to listen to music on vinyl, for god's sake.

And until last week, I didn't own a cell phone. And I hadn't owned one for more than five years.

See, I did own a cell phone back in the day (let's say 2004 or so). It was with Bell, and it was a Solo flip phone. I liked it well enough, although I used to get annoyed that friends would call me and hear a song play, instead of a dial tone - and the people at bell didn't get why I wanted that feature removed. They thought that all my friends wanted to hear Green Day before I picked up.

I assured them that was not the case.

However, I got rid of that phone years and years ago (let's say, 2005), when the people at Bell wound up being absolute dicks, as was the case with all cell phone companies back then. Also, being paranoid about turning your phone off while you were in class became very distracting, as my history classes all had a rule - if your phone rings, you owe the class donuts. I had to buy the class donuts once, all because my mother wanted to know if I was coming over for sunday dinner.

And so I went back to a LAN line, happy that the only time people could reach me was when I wanted to be reached. I never had to buy donuts again. And I still had access to a cell, because my girlfriend at the time carried one on her. And there was really no reason we both needed cell phones.

After the big breakup a few years ago, people kept telling me to get a cell. I went on plenty of dates, and saw a couple of people, all who thought it was weird that I didn't have a cell. Searching for jobs was weird without one, and even hanging out with my friends was sometimes complicated by the fact that I was cell-less. But I fought against it for years - one more piece of technology to carry! More stress as people contact you when you don't want to be contacted! Payment plans!

But, last week, I caved, and bought myself a shiny blue cell phone. An LG Rumour 2, for techies that are interested. You know who you are.

I've been texting like I'm trying to catch up to everyone else, or something. And using the thing like I'm welcoming myself back to the 21st century. I debated (and then declined) getting a twitter account. And I've already taken a few shiny photos, and I have no doubt that this blog will start featuring all sorts of blurry phone photos in no time.

You've all been warned.

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