Last Day at H&R Block:

"It's 3:15"

"Yes. What seems to be the problem?"

"I had an appointment for three o'clock."

"Right. But as you can see, her previous client is taking a bit longer. And it is the last day of the tax season, so you can imagine it's been a little hairy. I apologize for the wait."

"This is bullshit."

"I'm sorry. But she'll see you as soon as she can, and I guarantee it'll be only a few minutes once you get in there to get your papers signed."

"This is bullshit!"

"Well, it's the last day of the tax season, so everyone's leaving it to the last minute and we've been rushed. We booked your appointment so you could get your papers signed. You're the only person who's had an appointment booked for today, we're not supposed to book any on the last day of the season, but we figured we'd do you a favour. Like I said, it'll only be a few minutes."

"Bullshit. I have to be at the bank before 4:00, because I have to make my payment, and my bank closes at four."

"Your tax payment?"


"You owe money to the government?"


"...And you booked your appointment to get your taxes done only an hour before your bank closes, on the last day of the tax season?"


"um. Ok."




"This is bullshit."

"I couldn't agree more."

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