Hey! A Drunk Blog Post:

The Sharks lost today. This sucks. I'm actually surprisingly bummed, considering that it's really just a case of a hockey team losing. But, well, I love my team, and I really had hopes they'd stop fucking the dog and make it this year. So, naturally, I've turned to alcohol for solace.

I'm drinking lamb's 151 and coca cola. But my fridge is very cold, and I'm drunk. So I'm having to open the coke with a pair of pliers. Which is probably a good idea to, you know, stop drinking.

But my mother didn't raise no quitters. So I'm busy killing my liver one poisonous shot at a time and listening to indie music on my awesome headphones.

And yeah, I'm drunk as I type this. I'm very eloquent when I drink, apparently.

I'm still in the safe zone, though. Because the 151 still tastes like poison. When it stops tasting like poison, I'll stop drinking. Because when that happens, you know you're fucked.

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