Happened to a friend of mine:

True story.

A friend of mine was driving his truck and came up to a stop light. He stopped slightly too late, and his truck was about halfway blocking the crosswalk - there was still enough room to cross without having to cross into the other lane, so my friend didn't reverse or anything.

He was talking to his passenger when, suddenly, WHAM! someone walked, full speed, into the driver side door.

My friend rolled down the window, furious, because the speed at which this guy had hit the door was sure to leave a dent.

"What the fuck, buddy? Are you a goddamn idiot!?" He shouted, red in the face.

And that was when he realized a blind man had just walked into his truck. A blind man who was now apologizing profusely. Even though, in the circumstances, it was entirely my friend's fault.

Did my friend point out to the blind man that this was the case? Nope. He just graciously accepted the apology, and drove off when the lights changed.

My friends are awesome.

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