Damn You, Coca Cola!

Two facts that you probably already know about me:

  1. I am a music nerd.

  2. I am addicted to diet coke.

The first is fairly obvious, even to newcomers at this blog. After all, about 90% of my blog writing is about music, with the other 10% divided evenly among dating, poo jokes, and apologies for not updating enough.

In fact, my music nerdiness has been getting worse lately. For example, only a few days ago, I was hanging out with a friend when I announced, for no good reason, "I like the band spoon, even if they are rather mainstream these days."

This caused her to look at me, shake her fist, and shout "hipsterrrrrrr!"

I'm inclined to agree with her, and I've been living it down ever since.

As for the second, well, I don't write about it much, but yeah, I'm very much a coke addict, and have been for more than half my life. Everyone knows me as the guy who is perpetually holding a can of diet coke in his hand. There were times where I was drinking two litres a day.

I've been cutting back recently, and even went cold turkey for a little while. And only a few weeks ago, I proclaimed "that's it... I'm quitting drinking diet coke."

Then Coke got evil. After all, they knew that if they lost me, they'd lose 38% of their canadian market share. So they had to hatch a scheme to keep me drinking. And they were quite fiendish - they struck where I was weakest.

Coke, you see, has a new promotion: buy a half litre bottle of pop, get a free itunes download.

An itunes download ranges from .99 to 1.29. A bottle of diet coke costs from 1.25 to 1.69, plus deposit.

So, by buying a bottle of diet coke, I product I already enjoy, I am also getting another product I consume fairly frequently (most of my music purchases are done through itunes). It's a twofer!

So now, every time I drink a bottle of diet coke, I don't feel ashamed. I just console myself with the fact that soon, very soon, I will be listening to a song I haven't heard yet. And that makes me happy.

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