May Playlist (broken links fixed!):

This month's playlist has been chock full of sad, depressing music, as well as a few mainstream blasts from the past.  And some happier tunes, to show that I'm not just about hanging myself.

And the mountain goats.  Always with the mountain goats!

  1. Imaginary Cities, Say You
  2. The Mountain Goats, Oceanographer's Choice
  3. Frederick Squire and Katherine Maki, Calling it Quits
  4. Ok Go, White Knuckles
  5. Cake, Italian Leather Sofa
  6. The Beta Band, Inner Meet Me
  7. The Beatles, Back in the U.S.S.R.
  8. The Who, Behind Blue Eyes
  9. Radiohead, Reckoner
  10. Forest City Lovers, Sea to Land


  1. I don't see how Back in the USSR is depressing...

  2. Your links suck!

  3. Anonymous is right. Too much CTRL V, not enough CTRL C

  4. broken links should be fixed now. My apologies!