Film Fridays: Boy, was I dumb...

Except for a few exceptions to the rule, I think we can all agree unanimously on this single fact:

Children are dumb.

I was no exception.  I concocted all sorts of stupid theories when I was little guy, such as my belief that all animals were either cats or dogs (bears were just big dogs; mice were obviously just smaller cats; fish were obviously dogs, because cats liked to eat fish; deer were dogs because they had snouts... and so on).  Really, I did all sorts of retarded things.  I ate bugs.  I loved cheez whiz.  Hell, when I was a kid, I actually thought baseball was interesting.

I was thinking back on this today, and I remembered one theory that stood out which, even in comparison to everything listed above, shows how stupid a child can actually be. 

See, I remember watching movies when I was a kid.  A lot of movies.  Now, I knew they were filmed, and that the events depicted were not real.  But, I had this weird belief that any time a movie showed a flashback (ie, it said "1969" and showed the main character as a child) that the flashback had been filmed first, at the listed date, when the main actor was a child... and that the director had waited two decades - or however long - before carrying on filming (now that, you know, his main lead had grown up). 

So, by the time I was eight, I realized I was never going to be in any movies, because no director had contacted me and filmed those early flashback scenes for all my future movies. 

Some would say my theory shows just how "trusting" or "innocent" children can be, but they're just covering up for the fact that kids are naturally dumb.

Oh, yeah.  Happy New Year. 

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