Opening Scenes...

Every time I leave a building with my iPod on, I always feel like I'm in a movie or something.  Like the cameras are on me, and the track playing is the soundtrack in the film. 

I'll leave work, and I can imagine the intro credits rolling across the bottom of the screen.  Adjusting my jacket, I'll stop at the sidewalk, look both ways, and then walk along the waterway.  Herons will pick around in the water (Production Designer:  Cam Fillerman) while I walk in the foreground.  A young couple will jog past (Chief of Photography: Eliot Smythe).  And I'll cross a rickety wooden bridge while a lazy-eyed seagull stares me down (Director:  Ridley Scott). 

Because of this, I am very conscious of that first song playing.  It has to be something cool, with a riff that draws you in, a cool bass line... something that makes you tap your feet.

Last week was perfect.  It was the Sneaker Pimps' Six Underground, or Queens of the Stone Age's Make it Wit Chu.  Both great songs that make me look like, well, the coolest guy to start a movie ever.

Yesterday, it was a little song by the Beatles called Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey

Probably not a great way to start any movie.  Even a movie involving monkeys. 

I kept halfway expecting to get hit in the face with a lemon meringue pie.

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