Day As Night #5: Avatar Sucks

To be fair, I actually don't mind most James Cameron movies.  But they do tend to run a little long, don't they?

(Remember, I Can't make it any larger.... you'll have to click to enlarge!)


  1. That movie was amazing, and I don't understand how you could come away with only negative thoughts on it; was someone throwing popcorn in your hair the entire time?

  2. The movie was good from a special effects stand point... nothing more. The plot we've scene in way to many movies to be considered anything remotely close to original.

  3. Exactly. And that's James Cameron!

    Terminator: Simple plot, few hooks. Ran probably half an hour too long. Amazing special effects for the time. Limited characterization.

    The Abyss: Neat plot concept, but the basics are really no different than a dozen other sci-fi movies. Character detail is generally pretty low, and it's really just a lower-tech version of "Alien" at times. Amazing special effects. The movie was incredibly long (the production company had to insist Cameron cut about an additional half hour - the movie still runs at almost three hours).

    Titanic: Cookie-Cutter characters, odd plot, way too long... and amazing special effects.

    And so on, and so forth. :P