It coulda come straight from High Fidelity...

A little over a week ago, I asked you guys for some help deciding which album I should next add to my small vinyl collection.  Well, a few days ago, I found myself in Ditch Records with a copy of the Beatles' Abbey Road in my grubby, music-nerd mitts.  I walked up to the door of the shop while listening to Radiohead's Kid A, and took out my ear plugs as soon as I entered (because record stores usually play cool music).  I then made a bee-line to my album, eyes cast low, so I could not be ensnared by the sirens-call of rare issue stoner rock LPs.  After grabbing my vinyl, I made my way to the desk.

One of the guys, who I shall call "Beard", had just put on Radiohead's Kid A.  The first track, Everything In Its Right Place, started playing.  As I gave the record to the cashier (who I'll call "Glasses"), I smiled.

DAVE:  Hunh.  That's funny - I was just listening to this album before I came in here.
BEARD:  Yeah?  I had to put it on.  He (tilts head towards Glasses) has never heard it.
GLASSES:  Hey, dude.  Are you just going to start telling this to completely random people, now?
DAVE (To Glasses):  What?  You've never heard Kid A? 
BEARD:  I know, right? 
GLASSES:  No, I've never heard Kid A...
DAVE:  But, you work in a record store!
BEARD (Points towards my Album):  Yeah.  Hey, you should check out this band.  They're this great little band called, um, The Beatles.
DAVE:  You should give them a listen.  But don't tell too many people about them - I don't want them to get popular or anything.
GLASSES:  Great.  Now random stranger is making fun of me.
BEARD:  ...And he has every right.  You work in a record store.
DAVE:  Don't worry, you'll like the album.  It's not as good as OK Computer, but it's still pretty good.
GLASSES (A pause):  ...OK Computer?
BEARD:  You're kidding, right?

Best.  Conversation.  Ever. 

(also, turns out, Abbey Road is awesome on Vinyl.)

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