Things I Hate...

"Dave, you need to update your blog," my inner voice kept nagging me.  "You're running out of reserve posts."

"But inner voice," said I, "I have nothing to write about!"

"You could always just make a list of stupid things you hate, or movies, or..."

"Nah, those are dumb ideas.  I need all my blog posts to be witty, clever, and brilliant." 

"Well, if you don't do something soon, you're going to miss a day.  And then your daily posting streak will be ruined."

"Don't worry, Inner Voice," I said, "I'll think of something."

Turns out, I am completely bereft of things to post about. 

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce a new feature (and a handy way to fill dead space, but don't tell anyone I told you) - a handy little list I like to call:  "Things I Hate..."


Things I Hate...
  1. People that wait in a restaurant line for a couple of minutes, and don't make up their mind what they want until they get to the counter.  "Ummmm.... I'll have an, umm......"
  2. Any song that either begins or ends with more than two seconds of guitar feedback.
  3. This. Stupid. Commercial. Like, this band writes down the lyrics to a song, and then gets rejected by a studio.  And then they play "their" song in front of a crowd.  Except the song is by, um, the Beatles. 
  4. "Are you sure you should be eating that?  You are diabetic, you know..."
  5. The French.
  6. Any sentence that begins with "I'm not racist, but...".  Also, any person that says "I'm not racist, but..."
  7. People that put their backpack next to them on a bus seat, so no one else can sit there - especially if the bus is crowded. 

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  1. You should add this blog topic as #8