Timmies Run

I walked into the first aid supply shop yesterday, mostly because I didn't want to go straight home after work, and it was across the street from my job.  So I'm looking through the gear - safety vests, bandages, gauze, peroxide - all the fun stuff, and realized I'm horribly out of "practice".  Or, rather, I never had a chance to practice some of the things I've learned, and they're slipping away...

For example, it took me far too long to remember the PPQRRST memory device.  Or what dosage of aspirin to give in a heart attack.  Or, well, any of the explanations for what makes something a Rapid Transport ("This guy needs to get to a hospital, ASAP!") as opposed to, say, a normal transport ("this guy needs to get to a hospital... but let's stop for Timmies on the way!").

Scary stuff.  I think it's time I hit the books again.  Which should be fun.  Now I just need to find some cute nursing girls who'll let me play "doctor" on them...


  1. Maybe join the St. John's Ambulance Brigade?

  2. I've seriously considered it. Could be an interesting summertime volunteer project - and they pay for your EMT course, which would be awesome.

  3. They do?? Awesome! I don't remember that. I used to volunteer with them, it was a lot of fun. Keep them in mind.