Music Mondays - The Elevator Incident

It shouldn't come as a shock to you that I'm a bit of a, well... music snob.  I know what I like, and I know what I dislike.  When I hear something I dislike, which is quite often, I loudly proclaim exactly why it is the worst thing ever. 

Some would call this a character flaw.  Personally, I look at it as education - if people don't realize their taste in music is awful and must be changed, how are they going to learn?  And time usually proves me right.

For example, back in high school, all my friends listened to Korn and Limp Bizkit.  Multiple times I announced "guys, this music blows".  They all laughed at me, told me I just didn't understand the complexities of Fred Durst's angst.

And then, a few years after high school.... oh, look, I was right all along.

The point here is, there are some bands that are just no good - flashes in the pan that should be ignored.  Also, there are bands that are aimed towards one age group - just like how Korn was aimed at high school students who were angry for no apparent reason, or how the Pussycat Dolls are aimed towards lobotomy patients with daddy issues. 

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this.  Or, they realize this, and don't take the appropriate steps to hide their shame.  Which led to the most unfortunate incident.  The elevator incident.

Picture yours truly, about to head outside, fiddling with my headphones.  I head down the hallway of my apartment building, when the elevator doors open.  Displaying a man roughly my age, his head down, his iPod on... singing what sounded suspiciously like Miley Cyrus.   

When he looked up and saw me, he froze, like a deer in the headlight.  Or a scantily-clad tween in a camera flash, as it were.  Then he gave the most pathetic nervous grin, and scuttled into his apartment.  For my part, I stood there, open-mouthed and stunned.  I felt bad for the guy - the shame at being caught listening to such garbage!  Such crap!

As put on my music and listened to some 1980s Black Sabbath after Tony Iommi left but before Zakk Wylde joined, I reflected on the fact that some people just have no taste. 



  1. Dave the narcacist strikes again! Who cares if some people have different tastes then you. If everyone was exactly the same we would live in one boring society.

    Just cause your high and mighty dosen't mean you have to look down on the rest of us!

  2. I suppose your going to point out that I misspelled narcissist and doesn't wrong now too?

  3. ...hunh? I think an anonymous someone missed the self-deprecating joke in this post.

  4. Any blog that has trolls must be good.

  5. Hey, good way to look at it! Does it count if the trolls incorrectly use the term "narcissist"?

    (I have a lot of bad traits, but narcissism isn't one of them!)

  6. This one certainly IS a good blog, trolls notwithstanding.