Been doing the usual "check the ATM, see if the rent's been taken out, see if my EI has come in" dance since friday night.  And of course, the balance has remained static. Making me go "Why won't he take out the rent, so I can at least stop worrying?"  along with "when is my EI going to come!?"

The whole weekend went by with yours truly afraid to spend even a dollar... even though that was kind of overkill on my part. 

Just an hour or so ago, I checked the bank machine - my balance hasn't changed.  Still.  No EI coming in, no rent coming out.  Frustrated, I called EI. 

"Just, um, curious... but, uh, when is my EI going to come in?"  And then I let some frustration into my voice.  "This isn't the first time this has happened.  It sucks not getting money..."

"It came in monday morning, sir"

"....wha?"  I know.  A line for the ages. 

"Yeah.  You got your money monday morning." 

"No I didn't..."

"Talk to your bank.  kthxbye."  (I may be paraphrasing, here)

Uh.  Is there a problem here?  So, I call my bank (oh, and as a side note, try calling coast capital savigns... they have the weirdest automatic answering machine message ever... I remember it once said "if you want to hear the sound of a hummingbird, press 4".  And no, I'm not making that up). 

On the phone, I explain the problem.  "They said I got my EI deposit, but my balance hasn't changed since friday..."


"Yes.  This is all really frustrating," I start fishing for sympathy. "I'm about to get my rent taken out of my account, and I'm going to be penniless, and EI hasn't given me any money... holy stress, batman!"

He started laughing.  And being laughed at by a bank teller is never fun.  The feeling is about the same as when a dishwasher at Denny's points at you and laughs, although for an entirely different reason. 

"Sir, there was a deposit in your account monday morning, and a withdrawal from your account monday afternoon...  your balance changed by eight dollars."

"....wha?"  I broke out the gem again, impressing him with my dialogue skills.

"Yeah.  You're good to go.  kthxbye". 

...hunh.  How is that this possibility never occurred to me?  Oh, right.  I'm an idiot. 

Go fig. 

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