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It's probably a bad idea to put me in a guitar store.  Because I wind up looking at all the "pretties" and then getting told mean, mean things by the salesmen.  They'll say cruel little lines like "Hey, it's zero percent financing this month," or "that guitar is 50% off right now... it's only a thousand dollars".  Then they of course hit you with "yeah, that's a beautiful guitar... too bad it won't be reissued for five years... and you know that's going to sell by the end of the month".

I was there for an hour, and I saw two of the world's most beautiful guitars.

Oh, and I also saw my dream amp, a 100 watt Fender Bassman... for only three hundred dollars.

Of course...  I don't have seven hundred dollars for a Martin Acoustic guitar.  Or eleven hundred dollars for a 1960 Les Paul doublecutaway reissue (A *huge* deal, too!).  Or even three hundred dollars for a Fender bass amp. 

Sad days, my friends.  Sad days.

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