Christmas Eve Eve.

I wanted to write a post about my invented holiday of Christmas 3ve, or, for those who are linguistically impaired, "Christmas Eve Eve Eve".  Unfortunately, that day fell on a wednesday this year, so I was honour-bound to write a haiku instead.  Here's hoping it worked.

Instead, I have to write about "Christmas 2ve", which really doesn't roll off the tongue as well.  But it's still quite the day.

This is the day where people traditionally realize "holy crap, Christmas is just around the corner" and then freak out on a shopping spree, doing their best to get their shopping done, because "only suckers and fools go shopping on Christmas Eve".

Today, I'm in a large electronics boutique selling overpriced electronics to those very same people. 

Today is also the day where my friend Manga, who hates being referred to on this blog as "manga" and has specifically asked me to change her name, heads south for the holidays.   I really hope she has fun down there, while at the same time feeling just a little jealous that she gets to go while I'm stuck up here, catering to people who can't seem to realize that "wireless" doesn't mean "wireless power" and who are convinced that "the internet gives you cancer". 

I say it every year around this time, but Christmas can't end soon enough.

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