Music Mondays - Bon Jovi!? Really?

I had a great post figured out, regarding one of the greatest new(ish) bands from British Columbia.  It was going to be funny, insightful, and educational.

But then I spent a whole day at work, listening to the canned music overhead.  Apparently, someone decided it was appropriate to spend the whole day playing the entire Jon Bon Jovi catalogue.  Everything from "You give love a bad name" to the Young Guns soundtrack to "Who says you can't go home?". 

After a while, all Bon Jovi songs sound about the same.  And it's a sound that's roughly analogous to screeching tires on wet asphalt - it triggers a primal terror response that is impossible to shake. 

They found me, after my eight hour shift, curled into the foetal position in the home theatre department, nestled behind some panasonic sneakers wearing a best buy flyer as a hat.  Apparently, I was sucking my thumb and muttering something about 'musical gremlins trying to get me', but I'm not sure of anything - I blocked out most of the day. 

You ever see those firemen who visit the burn ward in the hospital and then become unable to fight fires?  Or those artists who get completely burned out after teaching a community college painting class?  Or actors who lose their edge after doing a season on a soap opera or something?

That's  happened to me.  I'm pretty sure Mr. Jovi has destroyed my sense of music.  For the last 48 hours, every time a song plays, I get flashbacks to that fateful day.

Some people can't forget Vietnam. 

I can't forget "Livin' on a Prayer". 

And that is why there is no music post for the day.

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