On the subject of feet:

I'm working at future shop the other day when I have to make a detour through the digital imaging department - in other words, an area filled with camera displays.  Row upon row of moderately expensive cameras, fawned upon by moderately wealthy yuppies. 

As I cut through that swath of men wearing scarves and women with expensive knee-high boots, I couldn't help but notice that digital imaging seemed to be filled with an abundance of attractive people.  And I couldn't help but compare that abundance of attractive people to the rather unpresentable folk who crowded the audio department - unshaven, self-obsessed sound snobs who would shrivel up under any form of natural light.  And the customers were just as bad!

Just for a moment, I dreamt about becoming a camera salesman.  I dreamt of slyly winking at the numerous women folk as I spoke of shutter speeds, tripod mounts, and exposures.  And some other, less interesting, crap about cameras. 

But then a flash went off, and I was snapped back into the real world.  And my jaw dropped at what I saw:

One of those super attractive women had just used one of the demo cameras... to take a picture of her feet.  It took all my willpower to refrain from saying "dude, can't you at least wait until you get home to do that!?"

You see, I have never understood this ritual.  And apparently, I'm not the only one

I have nothing against feet.  While I'm far from a foot fancier, I have absolutely no problem with a girl rocking the sandals.  In fact, I've even kissed a foot or two in my time.  What bugs me about the photos are the pure cliche of it all! 

Self foot photography is the equivalent of a guy playing stairway to heaven on a guitar.  Or an author naming his novel after a line from the bible.  Or a dancer doing the macarena. 

Ladies - this is something you do when you're thirteen, and then feel embarrassed about when you're twenty one.  This is not something you do in your late twenties, in a crowded future shop showroom, for all the world to see.  I mean, if you want to take a photo of a body part, I can think of at least five different parts I'd rather see first.

(Yeah, I went there.  Sorry.)

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