I'm working retail again.

I haven't worked a retail job in over two years.  The last time I did it, I was selling gourmet cheeses in a grocery store and working in a fairly decent deli.  It was a pretty fun job, and one that kept me on my feet all day (a good thing), but the pay was pretty much atrocious.  Eventually, I was able to move on up to bigger and better things.

Of course, then this damned recession hit, and I've been jumping from low-end office job to low-end office job ever since.  I figured a few months ago, when I was laid off yet again, that if I was going to be making next to no money, I may as well do it in a fast-paced retail situation, because at least there the work is considerably less boring.

Still kind of annoying, though. 

On tuesday, I had to explain to a lady how headphones work, how itunes works, and how you can use itunes to find all sorts of music.  She told me itunes doesn't carry her music, as her music is "way too obscure" to be found on itunes.

I figured she was talking about super indie stuff, or weird world music or something.  Nope.  Turns out, her definition of "obscure" consists of Pink Floyd, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, and Bob Dylan. 

I showed her an ipod touch, quickly displaying the numerous apps that the device can carry.  I casually mentioned that it also contains a dictionary.  I'm hoping she uses it to figure out what "obscure" actually means.

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