Okay, this may be slightly exaggerated

I'm a sucker for redheads.

This is a known fact, and one that is easily measured.  You could have me sit in a room, drinking a can of diet coke and watching the hockey game.  A smoking hot blonde/brunette/whatever could walk in, and while I would do a sly "check out", I'd be more or less the same person.

Now let's say a cute redhead walks in.  Within about three seconds, I will be putty in this girl's hands.  Before I know it, I'll be doing her laundry while puffing out my chest and stuttering worse than a CD player in a washing machine.

And then there was... yesterday. 

Cute red-headed girl, about 5'4", slim build, glasses with nerdy threadless t-shirt (bonus!).  Wanted to buy an ipod. 

Yours truly was the salesman.  What did he do?

Did he make a move?  Did he get her number?  Did he make pleasant conversation?  Hell, did he even try to make a sale?

Nope.  He spoke about the weather for approximately five minutes, nearly broke his hand on the ipod display due to his rapid gesturing, and then said something along the lines of "it'sokayI'mthefirstaiderhereandI'malsotryingtogetintonursingbecauseIlovehelpingpeopleplusIthinkanimalsespeciallypuppiesareamazing."

Then he winced, blushed a deep red, and retreated to the staff room to hide until she left.

Don Juan, I ain't. 

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