She must be, like, an elf or something

I was working yesterday, selling a buttload of ipods and other mobile electronics to people for christmas.  I was having a great day, rolling in the dough, when I saw a customer wandering around out of the corner of my eye.  Naturally, I went over to help her.

It was then that I saw she was rather attractive, and dressed in that pseudo indie way that I love - tights, knee-high boots, a short plaid dress, and a scarf wrapped around her neck.  She looked to be maybe twenty eight or twenty-nine, and she was by herself.  She was holding a few random items in her hand, looking just a little lost.

Both my "inner salesman" and "inner single guy" said the same thing:  Jackpot.

It wasn't particularly busy at that moment, so I helped her pick out some ipods, headphones, and the like.  We chatted about Victoria (she's not from here), swapped a few jokes, and browsed the shelves.  Then she dropped a bombshell.

"I'm kind of looking for a gift for my twenty year old son.  What would you get a twenty year old boy?"
I was absolutely stunned, because this woman did not look to be in her thirties, let alone forties.  I mean, I suppose she could have had the kid when she was very young (in fact, she must have), but still -  I thought she was the same age as me.  I really wanted to compliment her on how well she's aged, but I knew anything I'd say would just sound false and lame.  So instead, I just answered her question.

"A good gift for a twenty year old boy?  That's easy - a twenty-year old girl."

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