This goes up to 11....

Being cripplingly poor is never a good thing. 

After almost a month of being on EI, I was desperate for a job.  And this is how I found myself working a sales job at an electronics boutique.  Me - the guy who still doesn't own a cell phone, kind of sucks with a computer, and has had the same ipod for almost three years. 

I didn't think I'd last a week. 

It's been two weeks, though, and I'm actually doing pretty good.  And, the scary thing is, I sort of enjoy the work.  It made me realize that for the last year, those office jobs were sort of - what's the word?- soul-crushing.  And working on the floor, where I'm on my feet and dealing with customers, is relaxing in a sort of high-energy way.

Of course, the best part is that I am actively encouraged to play loud music.  Such as, I dunno, The Dodos - cranked to max volume in the car audio section. 

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