This always gets me in trouble...

...but I'm just gonna say it.

I don't like Star Wars.

Now, I don't hate Star Wars or anything, but I am unable to really understand why everyone thinks it's so absolutely amazing.  To me, it just seems like Muppets in Space, with overdone bad guys and awful hair cuts. 

I mean, Yoda?  What the hell, man?  That guy is basically just Kermit the Frog, aged sixty years and suffering the aftereffects of a massive stroke.

So yeah. 

I just don't get the love. 

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  1. I won't fault you for not liking Star Wars. I personally love it but not in that wierd way that I read all the books and wear a Storetrooper helmet to bed. My favorite characters are the Stormtroopers though so I have a love of the little man in the movie series.