People are stupid. Exhibit A:

(Scene:  DAVE, a stunningly good-looking salesman, is in the headphone aisle of a box store, trying to sell overpriced headphones to a weasel-faced CUSTOMER.)

CUSTOMER:  Man, I really want these headphones.
DAVE:  Yeah.  They're a great pair of headphones. 
CUSTOMER:  But they're kind of expensive.
DAVE:  Well, they're quality headphones.  You're paying for top of the line headphones.
CUSTOMER:  You're right.  I'll take them.
DAVE:  Awesome!  If you'll follow me to the till...
CUSTOMER:  Yeah, cool.  I didn't know what to spend my money on, an ipod or headphones...
DAVE (innocently):  Oh, you don't have an ipod?
CUSTOMER:  No.  I broke my last one.
DAVE:  That's cool.  I guess you're using the headphones on your computer, then?
CUSTOMER:  Don't have one.  It's my roommate's computer.
DAVE:  Oh.  Um.... the TV?
CUSTOMER:  Nah.  I have great surround sound.
DAVE:  So, um.... What're you hooking the headphones up to, then?
CUSTOMER (A Long pause):  Hm.  Good point.  I guess I don't need them, hunh?

After some back-pedalling, I wound up selling him an iPod touch and a cheaper pair of headphones.  I made less money on the purchase, but I imagine he would've figured out those expensive headphones would be absolutely useless when he got home, and I'd be stuck with the return.

He also lost his receipt for a Wii he was returning, and blamed it on me.  Turned out he had dropped it, but was convinced that was "impossible".  I found it only after having searched through our trash for him. 


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