Victoria, the strange city... part three.

Victoria is a city of many strange sounds.  And many strange snippets of conversation.  In the last week, I've picked up on quite a few odd ones.  Just weird little fragments of discussions that I heard and remembered to record, for reasons of posterity.

  • (A discussion between two homeless men)  "Man, I can't wait until this recession ends."  "Yeah, it's really hard to get a decent buck when no one has any money in their pockets."  "...Totally". 
  • (A guy on the sidewalk in an Amnesty International Vest gets angry at a PETA recruiter "poaching" his territory)  "Listen, girl.  I was here first, you need to go somewhere else."  "You can't do that.  It's a free country.  I can do whatever I want."  "Yeah, well I can do whatever I want to, too.  And if you stay here, I'm going to eat your dog."  (lady walks off, but not before cursing - she called him a "loser", and he called her a "cunt".  It was quite entertaining to see the high and mighty left wingers nearly come to blows)
  • (Two guys in their early  twenties in an outdoor cafe) "Hey, you want to go out and grab a drink, watch the hockey game?"  "Nah, dude.  I can't.  I have a class in, like, an hour."  "Shit, dude."  "Yeah."  "Hey, wanna get high?" "Yeah, sure."
  • (A middle-aged couple are watching a guy perform songs on his acoustic guitar.  It is obvious these people are tourists) "I love this music.  It's so pretty."  "Yeah.  Why can't they release music like this where we're from?"  "I know.  I wonder if this guy sells CDs?  These songs could totally be hits."  "Mmhmm.  You're right, hun.  The music these days is just garbage..." (blah blah blah.  The best part?  The guy they were listening to was actually playing an acoustic version of Radiohead's "Karma Police" - and he wasn't hitting the high notes very well, either). 

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