You Are Now Informed

On the whiteboard at the Cashline Office, written in green ink, is the following sentence:

"Irony of the Day: Our Plastic Recycling Bin is Non-Recyclable".

This made me laugh.

Then I realized that whoever wrote it must have checked our recycling bin to discover this.

Then I went over and checked out our recycling bin, and found out that the non-recyclable label was on the bottom.

This made me realize whoever wrote it had to have actually checked this out while working, because he was so bored.
Then I realized that I had actually just checked the recycling bin to verify the veracity of the statement, because I had nothing to do.

Then I updated my blog.

...You are now informed.


  1. Your blog was better when you didn't have a girlfriend and were living on EI.... what somebody had to say it!

  2. Ha. Yeah. Somebody HAD to say it.

    ...Somebody who didn't have the balls to sign their post, apparently.