Music Mondays - Jazz Hands

I went swing dancing on friday with the new special lady... and had a lot of fun.  We had some drinks, we laughed, we danced, we wanged, we chunged - everyone had fun tonight.  But, see, the problem with swing dancing is that it's usually done to, y'know, swing music

Which has never been my cup o' tea.  There's just something about that old timey music that doesn't do it for me. 

Luckily, the DJ (the ever talented Savage) knew that not everyone was into swing, so he'd throw some old rock tunes into the mix.  And every time one came on, I was grabbing the special lady and pulling her out onto the floor.  We danced to Johnny B. Goode, some Elvis, and other great rock hits.  But the best part?

When Sav put on the Muppet Show theme song.

Imagine a group of people, looking around in confusion, wondering how in the hell they can dance to Miss Piggy giving Kermit a hard time.  Everyone was totally lost, and drifting off the dance floor.

Except yours truly and the special lady.  We were busting a move and laughing our asses off.  I even dipped the special lady low, and then elegantly dragged her across the dance floor.  And we ended by shouting "this is the muppet show toniiiiiiiiiiggggght!" and waving the jazz hands.

Not my coolest moment, that's for sure.

Fun, though.

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