Victoria, the strange city... part one.

Victoria is a very strange city.  and it's been a stranger week than usual.  I figured I'd illustrate just how bizarre my city is by relating a few of the odd scenes I've walked by over the past week, in a blog mini-series I'd like to call....

Victoria, the Strange City.

Yeah.  It's a lame title.  But when translated into Swahili, it rhymes.  And sounds really pretty.  Probably.


Last week, I'm walking along Douglas street, heading out to pick up the special lady.  I have my iPod on (the iPod being a great means to allow you ignore the homeless without appearing rude) when a rather scrungy guy approaches me and gestures for me to take the ear buds out.  Crap.

I pop them out, expecting his plea for money.  In fact, I'm already preparing my reason for why I'm going to say no ("I only use debit," is my go-to answer, which is actually true - mostly because if your pockets jingle in downtown Victoria, you'll never be left alone) when Scrungy surprises me.  "Excuse me... do you have any weed?"

It's an odd demand, but I shrug and say "uh, no.  Sorry."

"Oh.  Well, then.  Could you spare a penny for weed?"

"Uh, no, I only use deb-"

Scrungy cuts me off.  "Just, like, a penny?"

"Um, sorry... no."

He shrugs, and then walks alongside me as we cross the street.  It's a very awkward moment.  But it gets weirder.  Because Scrungy then approaches a guy sitting on the sidewalk that looks sort of like Ozzy Osbourne, a pallid hand leaning out for change.  Scrungy takes a quick look at Ozzy, and says "hey, buddy, could you spare some change?"

Yeah.  A homeless guy decided to beg from another homeless guy.  I was completely stunned.  Didn't this go against the Geneva Convention of the Homeless, passed several years back? 

OZzy was a little surprised, too.  He shook his head, and I could tell he kind of enjoyed being on this end of the situation for a change.

Scrungy just sighed sadly, and wandered off down the street. 

And then, to top the moment off, Ozzy spat on the road.  "Fucking beggars, man," he cursed, to no one in particular. 

Then he caught my eye and thrust out his hands.  "Hey, buddy, could you spare a dollar for weed?"

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