Music Mondays - Jon and Roy

As I get older and a little less hectic and crazy, I'm finding my tastes are leaning more towards the soft and acoustic - as opposed to super high-energy songs.  Over the last six months, I've been listening to these lovely albums that have an obvious acoustic focus - the Beatles' White Album as opposed to Sgt. PepperLed Zeppelin III as opposed to Led Zeppein I; and the Barenaked Ladies as opposed to The Tragically Hip (a bit of Canadiana thrown in with that last one). 

It really should come as no surprise, then, when I name drop Jon and Roy.  Because these guys are the kings of laid-back acoustic-y music.  I mean, go to the website and take a look at the guys - do they look like the type of people that are going to get angry if you cut them off on the freeway?  I seriously doubt it.  And then, better yet, listen to their albums (they're free on the site!).  This is the sort of music guaranteed to lower your blood pressure - and yet, it's still layered and complex enough that it's not just easy-listening muzak. 

I saw them live a few months ago, at Rifflandia, and they were one of the acts that really stuck out in my mind.  The night I saw them, there were something like eight bands playing, and Jon and Roy were wedged right in the middle - and yet, they were the only band that night that I still remember, several months on.  They even did this bit where they rapped (sublime-style) over a really cool, rolling guitar line.  And it didn't suck.  I was amazed.   

Check 'em out.  Seriously. 

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