Mustard Thief?

(Note:  this was supposed to be posted first thing in the morning, as I had written it a few days ago for sunday morning - but blogger has made it a habit to convert everything I write into "draft mode" when I'm not looking, and I'm just realizing this now... so, yeah, late post!)

At 10:30 pm, there aren't a whole lot of places to grab something quick to eat.  Normally, this isn't much of a problem - I'll just make myself a sandwich, or go out and buy a bag of chips.  But tonight, I decided to do something silly.... I went to McDonald's.

I don't like McD's.  The food is gross (with the exception of egg mcmuffins - which are pretty much impossible to screw up), the staff are mostly incompetent and lazy, and the average patron is less than desirable.  But occasionally, I'll pop in there and grab some McNuggets.

Heading into the store tonight, I order my nuggets, which need to be cooked, so I get shunted off to the side.  The staff member gets me my drink, and puts my honey mustard sauce on the counter to remind himself to add it to my bag.  Next in line is a halfway decently-dressed girl with dirty hands and a gross band-aid on a finger.  She orders the cheapest burger possible, and looks around impatiently.  And, when the staff guy turns his back, she spots the honey mustard sauce (*MY* honey mustard sauce) and quickly snatches it and slips it into her purse. 

I don't do anything, of course - if someone is at a point in their lives that they feel the need to steal honey mustard sauce, who am I to interfere?  Besides, it doesn't take much for me to ask for more ("that girl swiped my sauce" I tell the guy, conspiratorily, prompting a resigned look from the staffer who has seen everything). 

On the walk home, I notice that the mustard swiper is behind me.  And then digs out her keys, and enters my building right after me.  And, as I get into my apartment, I hear her fumbling with her own lock.  So, yeah - the girl down the hall?

Mustard thief. 

Just thought I'd let you all know.

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