Film Friday: The Answers!

I know y'all have been waiting, so here they are... the answers to last week's movie quiz!
  1. In that famous "deli orgasm scene" from When Harry Met Sally, the woman who says "I'll have what she's having" is actually Meg Ryan's real-life mother.  AnswerFalse.  The woman is actually director Rob Reiner's mother, though for some reason she is usually identified as Ryan's mother. 
  2. During the chariot-race scene in the 1959 film Ben Hur, one of the stuntmen fell from a Chariot and was trampled by a horse.  His death was caught on camera, and included in the final cut of the film.  AnswerFalse.  The only injury in that scene was a cut on the chin by one of the stuntmen.  Urban Legends strike again! 
  3. While filming Jurassic Park, critics pointed out that real-life velociraptors were only half the size of those depicted in the film. However, before filming was complete, a velociraptor skeleton was found that closely resembled that in the film, and was nicknamed "Spielberg's Raptor". AnswerTrue.  The raptor species is commonly known as the Utahraptor, after the state it was discovered in.
  4. While he played Indiana Jones' father in The Last Crusade, in reality, Sean Connery is only six years older than Ford.  AnswerTrue.  Apparently, old people are scary in movies. 
  5. In The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, all of the main characters spoke Italian in the scenes, and were overdubbed into English for the western release. Clint Eastwood have to overdub his own voice back into English, being the first actor to ever do a voiceover for his own performance. AnswerFalse.  Clint Eastwood did all his speaking parts in English, while other actors spoke in Italian (and were overdubbed for the Western Release). 
  6. On the final night of shooting the film Titanic, pranksters mixed PCP (Angel Dust) into a clam chowder served to the cast and crew. Over 80 people fell ill, many being hospitalized with hallucinations.  AnswerTrue.  Bill Paxton felt completely listless for weeks after the event.  Every member of the crew suffered the same hallucination, too - the mistaken belief that they had all worked on a halfway decent film.   
  7. More money was spent on advertising and promotion for the film Animal House than was spent on the film itself. AnswerTrue.  Let that be a lesson to you, Michael Bay!
  8. During the filming of Gladiator, new laws arose in Greece that prevented the use of animals in violent action scenes, causing those scenes to instead be filmed on a soundstage in Los Angeles. AnswerFalse... Gladiator was filmed in Italy.  And those laws never existed.  Also, Los Angeles isn't a real place. 
  9. There was a widespread internet petition to have the title of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers changed, as many fans unfamiliar with Tolkien's 1960s classics felt that the name was in poor taste (referencing the then-recent September 11th attacks). Answer:  Unfortunately, True.  People are idiots. 
  10. Kevin Costner has no recollection of ever directing his box office disaster, the Postman. He simply does not remember doing so, and would later claim he was on heavy painkillers and prescription meds during the entire production run of the movie. AnswerFalse.  But I'm pretty sure Costner was on one drug or another when he made that movie.  And not those performance-enhancing drugs, either. 

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