Film Friday: Movie, or Film?

I clued into something a few weeks back - you can tell a lot about a person about the terminology they use to describe the mediums they enjoy.  There is a world of difference between a person who "loves movies" and a guy who "loves films".  Just as the people who "love music" are different from those who "listen to CDs", or the freaks such as myself who "love albums".  There are people who "love books", and people who "love literature".  And so on, and so forth - I hope you're getting my point.

But what is the difference between a movie and a film?  I think ultimately, we could argue that a "movie" is a film that the person who is talking didn't like all that much.  But then, in my mind, I'm not too sure - there are plenty of movies I absolutely adore:  the Back to the Future trilogy, Monsters Inc., Die Hard

For me, I think the difference is one of intent - if the piece exists primarily as a form of entertainment (and despite what the artistas will tell you, there's is absolutely nothing wrong with this), then we can describe it as a movie.  But if the movie tries to appeal on a broader emotional level, perhaps making a statement or changing the viewer, then it is a film. 

In other words, if you walk out of the theatre laughing and discussing some of the jokes you saw, or reliving the crazy car chase - but the conversation doesn't get much deeper than that - then you just saw a movie.  But if you leave that theatre somehow different - even slightly - then you may have just seen a film. 

If you walked out of the theatre confused, angry, and feeling slightly ripped off - you've just been Uwe Boll'd.  Sucks to be you.

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