On Being a Paid Blogger

Ah.  The fun of being at work with nothing to do.  It is 10 am.  I started at 8 am.  And, already, I'm sitting around with zilchnadasquat to do.  Basically, my job at this very moment is to wait for the technician to get to chilliwack... and to wait for ATMs to break down or customers to do stupid things.

So in a very roundabout way, I'm getting paid to blog update!  Woot. 

I always knew I was going to make money making this blog.  Didn't realize it'd be like this, though.  Still, who am I to complain.  I mean, how many of you suckers are making money blogging, huh? 


...Yeah, that's right.  Didn't think so.

Man.  It's fun being a paid blogger.  I now have a reason to be smug.  I mean, I've always been smug.  Just now, I have a reason. 

I'm totally gonna out-smug that punk-rock guy that hangs out on the bus and thinks he's cool because he doesn't wear deodorant.  We'll have a smug-off

Today is shaping up to be a good day. 


  1. This really makes you sound like a douche...

  2. Douche? How so? I was pretty sure the sarcasm in this post was set pretty high.