Son of a Bitch....

Last weekend, I was walking home from the Cashline job. It was one of those beautiful spring days that pretty much capture everything that is awesome about Victoria - smiling tourists, lazy dogs sleeping on the doorstep of their owner's independent business, and well-dressed students sipping five dollar lattes and handing out flyers on random human rights violations. All in all, a great afternoon.

On the way, I walked by the military recruiting office, and scoffed at the pictures in the window as I went past. The first was this blown up photo of a navy woman, smiling beatifically as she looked over the prow of a massive warship. The whole image struck me as funny, because these photos are essentially a "what we're all about" sort of thing - an indication of self-image, as it were. And the fact that apparently the navy see themselves as a bunch of happy-go-lucky, smiling women struck me as funny.
Because I'm odd like that.
Next up was the army picture - this guy in bulky combat armour, with "Cool guy" shades coolly frowning over a desert landscape. Yyup. That pretty much sums up the army for me - a bunch of douches that liked pushing people around in high school, and want an excuse to keep on doing that once they graduated. I'm generalizing, of course, but I think it's fair to say that everybody in the Canadian Army is an absolute tool who likes to torture small animals. It's, like, fact.

Then I came across the Air Force photo. It's a well known fact that the Air Force attracts a huge number of nerds. And this makes perfect sense - most of the related occupations are highly technical in nature, there is less of a physical requirement, and to get in you require a lot of math, physics, and computer skills. And I laughed my butt off when I saw the picture of the air force guy. Because this guy is basically how the air force idealize themselves - and this guy was a dork!
Then I took a long look at the picture. Ginger hair. Blonde eyebrows. Pale skin. Glasses. Freckles. Rather small frame. Then, I looked at my reflection in the glass. Ginger hair. Blonde Eyebrows. Pale skin. Glasses. Freckles. Rather small frame.

"...Son of a bitch," I muttered to myself softly.  I didn't say anything else on the way home. 

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