Ah, people.

I work the help desk for an ATM company which will remain nameless.  And here is an actual phone call:

GUY:  Your fucking machine ate my fucking bank card.
DAVE:  Well, sir, our machines are dip card readers, meaning they only read your card when you take it out of the machine - and the card can't even go in all the way.
GUY:  Hunh?
DAVE:  Do you have a receipt for your transaction?
GUY:  Yeah...
DAVE:  That means you had to have taken the card out of the machine to get that receipt.  Odds are, it either fell out of your hand, or it's in your pocket...
GUY:  It's not in my fucking pocket!  Your machine fucking ate it!
DAVE:  Could you check your pockets for me, sir?  Sometimes, when we do something so many times, we don't remember the little details, like putting our card back in our pocket...
GUY:  It's not fucki-
DAVE:  Just check your pockets, please, and then we'll go into the next step.
GUY:  Fine!  I'll check my goddamn pockets, but I'm telling you, it's not in... oh...
DAVE:  Sir?  Did you find your bank card in your pocket?
GUY:  *click*

People are idiots.  Gotta love it. 

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