Music Mondays - An easy way to piss people off:

If you're like me, you occasionally (read as: always) have the urge to bug the people around you.  It might be to get a minor form of revenge, or maybe you're just bored, but you find yourself wanting to do nothing more than tweak the nose of the person you're talking to.

There's a very easy way to do this.  Simply ask them what type of music they're into, and then ask them what their favourite band is.  When they name the band, all you have to do is say one of two things: 

"Oh, no thanks, I'm not really into easy-listening music" (If the music is mainstream, regardless of category)


"Ah, no.  I don't listen to mainstream music"  (especially if the music isn't really mainstream). 

If you say it with the right tone of voice, you can literally see steam shoot out of your victim's ears.  Lots of fun.  Try it sometime!

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